Monday, April 4, 2016

Adventure with a big Bang

So yesterday My brother, Matthew, and I were all a tad bored. So we decided to grab the guns and hit the shooting range to have a little fun. We also drove around a bit and I took pictures.  haha Some of them they knew about some they didn't. And we had a blast. ;)


Monday, February 22, 2016

Random favorites and obsessions 4 this month!

I have several random favorites this month! So shalllll we?
First off! Um... I Love my hair! Yes, my hair. haha I recently tried something new and different. And after I styled it, I loved it even more so! <3
 Duh duh duhhhhhhhh!

Tada! I chopped it off! #Pixihaircut   And I *love* it! It's a really nice change. 
 These soft Candy Cane Pj bottoms! The JC Pennys here is going out so they were having huge sales on everything! And I found these super super soft pj pants for $5! SO. SOFT. <3

I also found at JC Pennys some Captain America leggings!  Also grabbed those! I just couldn't leave them behind... ;) Then I've been loving the Arrow! And Victoria Secrets body spray in Very sexy and Mark.'s Body spray in mango

I love my PS3 in general for like netflix and youtube. However I also have been liking to play Kartz! :D Ps. I love my gold remote.. 
 I may  not be the BEST at organizing etc... But I do try! lol! And I've been loving this planner I bought at Walgreens for about $7!

Since I got my hair cut... I need to keep it in place. Especially with this wind here. And I picked this up at Sally's Beauty. It was on sale for about $2 or so. And I REALLY like it! It really does hold and help with frizzyness but doesn't weigh down your hair AND it smells amazing! :D LOOOOOVE ! <3

Of course... my favorite snacks... Cheddar Jalapeno cheetos and Crush pop! <3

Last but not least... My Blog GorgeousGeek32! I Am loving creating and sharing makeup and beauty posts on there so much! If you'd like to go check it out click here! : GorgeousGeek32
I'll be doing a beauty version of favorites on there soon! So if you would like to see that either keep a look out, and I'll link it on this post as well once it is up! :D

Monday, February 15, 2016

What I've been up to...

So Lately, I was sick with a sinus infection topped with my wisdom teeth coming in. And other life things happend. haha Then recently I found out my friend here will be moving. And I've been babysitting. A lot goin on. haha But also I have recently created a blog for beauty and makeup things related only. So this will be more random, life, Q&A's kind of blog. :) I'm sooooo excited with how it's turned out! And I'm proud of myself for doing okay also. haha :)  It took me a while to figure out wordpress.. I'm so glad my mom uses it for her blog so she could help me with mine! haha! She's been amazing at helping me! And I still got to get some ideas done for it but it's up and it's got already some posts up! :D And my makeup instagram account as been linked with it. I changed the name of it also to the same name as the blog. :) Wanna see what the blog looks like?! Drum rollllll........
Duh duh duhhh!
If you would like to go check it out! Here's the link! GorgeousGeek Blog!
I'm sooo stoked for it!! :D It's gonna have reviews, diys, hauls, etc! :D
If you have any kind of beauty posts you would like to see go over there and leave a comment on a post and let me know! :D

I have discovered something...

I have discovered something amazingly yummy!

Recently I was at my friends house and her fiance went and got us sandwiches and chips from the merc. And she had mentioned these cheetos she likes.. So on a whim I decided to be adventurous and try them. And I'm obsessed! ! !
I'm not one for hot stuff. But these... are A.m.a.z.i.n.g! However yes if you eat several you're mouth does get warm. But they're really good. <3 I'm actually eating them right at this moment! But something else I love that Isn't a discovery, I have loved it for a long while now is my Orange Crush pop! 
ahhh <3 This is my favorite snack right now. What's yours?! :D

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Goals instead or resolutions? #52

Goals instead of Resolutions. Around new years It's Always My new years resolutions/"New Me".
But TBH  I hardly ever would stick with my new years resolutions. We normally choose a lot of things that are specific for them. Which don't get me wrong that's great if you have something specifically you want to change, but sometimes it's harder to stick to a specific thing to fix. And I was watching youtube (when am I not? lol) And I was watching another one of my favorite youtubers. And she was talking about how instead of resolutions she was going to make goals. Because instead of saying I'm going to read 100 books and then failing to read a few of the books then eventually quitting, I could just say  I want to read more.  And For me personally, I think making my goals more open and not as specific would be better for me and more likely of a sucess to succeed then If I did what everyone else does. (This is e personally, so if the other works for you, Fantastic!! :D )

So My new years Goals... :)

  • Get my permit/ License! Yes, I'm 19 and still haven't gotten it... But I'm going to this year! :)
  • Youtube/ blog more and get better at it! 
  • Workout/ eat a little healthier 
  •  Read more! I used to be a huge book worm! but recently I haven't really read anything at all. But I really want to get back into it! My goal is at least read 15 minuets before bed.  If you have any book suggestions comment down below! :D
  • Be more positive.
  • Be more organized. I am TERRIBLE at organizing... haha Mostly Keeping it organized...
What are some of your goals for 2016?:)
Today was the last day or the blog challenge! But no worries I'll still be posting :D

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

#51 Cooking?!

A Hobby that I would like to start is probably cooking? More? I normally would bake. Cause I mean who doesn't like cookies, cakes, and brownies?! But this year I kinda want to start cooking more! So Pinterest is like my best friend! And I tried recently making Crock pot Orange chicken! WHICH BTW  I did two posts about! I did a post about it and an update after we ate it! Here's the link if you would like to go check that out!! Crock Pot Orange Chicken! #1
If you have any suggestions for good/ easy recipes Comment them down below! :D

Also we have 1 more day left of the 52 Blog challenge!! WHAT?! :O NO worries though! I shall keep posting! ;D

#50 What makes me laugh?

"I Love to laugh!  Ha ha ha ha! Loud and Long and clear! I love to laugh! ha ha ha ha!"
Anyone get that song lyric? :D That's what I thought of when I looked at today's challenge! The movie/ songs name will be at the end of this post!

I Love to laugh. It's good for you! And a lot of things make me laugh. My friends and family,  movies, tv shows, jokes, pictures,  books, etc and sometimes myself. Because... well.. I can be quite funny. ;)   However my family and friends probably are the top.  My friends and family, like me, tend to use movie quotes and song quotes  90% In our lives! Everyday at least one song lyric and or movie quote is used! It makes life more fun. :) Like today I had a genius moment! I put tomato soup in a clean Coffee mate creamer bottle! and I said "Wile E. Coyote... Supppper Genius!" haha It was amusing to my mom. :)

The song is I love to laugh from the movie Marry Poppins! (I could really use her cleaning skills! snaps fingers and BAM! Stuff gets put away! LOL)