Sunday, April 6, 2014

DIY Honey&Cinnamon Face Mask!!

DIY Honey Face Mask! Woohoo! (While I'm doing this blog post I am wearing the mask! ha ha ha! :D )
I got thise from a friend a while ago, And it was one of the most amazing, most  Effecting and simple things I have ever tried! SOOOOO Easy to make and SOOO good for your skin and Does an AMAZING job with helping with your acne! 

Facts: Honey is a natural humectan. ("a substance that absorbs or helps another substance retain moisture")  Which means it's a FABULOUS Moisturizer!! And it helps Sooth the acne and Redness goin' on!  The Cinnamon will stop the Acne causing Bacteria! How awesome is that?!

LETS GET STARTEDDD! :D   Whip n Mix 3 tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon together till it's all mixed up! Then all you do is apply a thin layer to your clean face, leave it on for 10- 30 minutes, wash it off with warm water and pat your face dry and tadaaaaaaa!  I do this Everyday and In a Week I saw a HUGE difference in my skin!:D  
-Local Honey Works Best! We didn't have any at the moment so i used this kind which we got from Walmart or Smiths I believe which still works just not as well. :) 
-It also can be runny! So just so ya know it is a bit sticky! And if you get it in your hair it can be hard to wash out! 
-Have your hair UP!:D

What the product looks like after being whipped up!

That's right! Me wearin the face mask!

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I hope you Enjoyed this DIY and that it comes in Handy dandy! And I Hope You like it! If you liked the DIY let me know in the comments Beloww if you want more!;) Have a FABULOUS week!! <3 -Erin<3

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Words Of Encouragement for Troubles and Struggles!

SO I was having a rough day... And Have some stuff goin on and I was pretty discouraged. And I was talking to my friend about it and she helped a lot and She sent me some Pins on pintrest of encouragement. :) So Here are a few of the quotes she sent me, That I really liked and helped me! I hope you enjoy them! If you are having a rough day/week/ time, It'll all be okay in the end! IF it's not okay, then it's not the end. :) 
ps. If there is any misspellings or mess ups in the pictures I apologies! ;D

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL day!! And I will talk to you in the next post!! <3

Monday, March 31, 2014

Monthly Favorites!( WARNING VERY LONG POST! ;D )

It's That Time again! FAVORITES OF THE MONTH! I know I haven't done one of these types of posts in a longgggg while.... But I thought now would be a good time because
1# I have more time on my hands somewhat and find myself bored... 
2# This month I have A LOT of Favorites!  Ha Ha Ha! 
3# 'Cause I haven't done one in a long while and it's about time I do another one! 

Okay Soooo I do admit some of these were... Not from the Begining of the month and gotten later on in the month or near the end of it but I either Know they will be a  favorite orrrr I already love them so much they have to be shared. haha!  

This is my E.L.F 96 Eyeshadow pallet! It tis AMAZINGLY AWESOME! I love there eyeshadow! They're pigmented and really pretty and blend able!   This i got on sale a while ago after Christmas at Walgreen's. It was I believe $15 to begin with but on sale was $7!! So i got one for Myself and My friend! I love how it has Neutral colors, blues, purples, fun colors,  and greens. And has shimmery eye shadows as well as Matte! :D 

The Two Mascaras I've been wearing like none Stop this month! Revalons Lash Potion by Grow LUSCIOUS, and the Cover girls Clump Crusher extensions! I actually thought i wouldn't like the cover girl one at first... But I like it more when i want more Natural looking lashes and not a lot of Volume but i love it!

My Pink Kabuki Brush  from Clair's! Super soft!! I love using this to apply my face powder!:)

This was interesting! It's the Almay Smart shade Skin tone matching Makeup! (With SPF15) It comes out white  but  once you start putting it on your skin and blending it on it turns into your color! Really neato!  LOOOVE it! It's really light.. I love it when i don't want to wear a lot of makeup but still want some coverage.

 Almay's  CC Luminous Primer  Primmer. Works REALLY great on me, a little bit goes a LONNNG way lol  just need like a pea size or a little bigger.. And helps my makeup last longer! LOOVE it! And it doesn't make me break out! So that is VERY awesome!:D

My Almay Clear Complexion, Blemish Heal Foundation! Love this stuff soooo much! I've been using this for a LONG while now! My face is really sensitive so It was hard for me to find foundation that didn't make me break out or all red. And My mom suggested this foundation and from then On I have used this company and  other  stuff from them! Highly suggest it if you have Sensitive skin!
My Absolute Favorite Concealer!  Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind Dark spot Corrector! DOES AMAZING! And affordable!  Absolutely amazing! <3I Will forever buy this untill they don't sell it no more<3

SO I got this Rimmel London Scandaleyes Eye liner.. And it does AMAZING! Lasts like FOREVER and is easy to use! Doesn't make a mess! AND  does great for Winged eyeliner! AND AND AND! Affordable!!! How great is that?!?

Another one of my faaavoooriiiite Eye shadow pallets! This one is a  "Custom Pallet in a Snap" From Mark. I loove the Eye shadows! SOOO pretty, So pigmented and very blend able! I Use this pretty much EVERYDAY and I will continue to do so!! Highly suggest them!   This is the Bigger " Snap To it!" Pallet Which can (Obviously) fit 4 eye shadows, or a blush and two eye shadows or two blushes. <3

Yes to ___ Face wipes! So I used to use the Simple ones, but then I saw Miss Glammorazzi's Video and She said she swicthed back to the Yes to Cucumber one's because she liked them more and that They had better ingredients! So I figured, Hey? Why not give them a Go!  And Let me tell ya... THEY. ARE. AMAZING. I looove them! They smell great, They do a great job, They're very soothing, and they make my skin feel refreshed! Then later I saw the Yes to Tomatoes face wipes and saw they help with acne... And I was struggling with acne so I tried them to and I was kind of worried at first because I don't like tomatoes and i don't like the scent of them either... But  I was pleasantly shocked! They don't smell like tomatoes! THey smell very pelasent! And They work great as well! They're also Hypoallergenic! Which for my skin is a great because it's so sensitive!  And I've tried  Many many face wipes and they broke me out but these don't!:D
Just a Picture of me Ya know with the Honey&Cinnamon face mask on! (Soon to be a post on how to make!) It's greatly FANTASTIC for acne!!:)

Rose Water! I lvoe using this when I'm feeling tired or later in the day when i feel like i need something to feel refreshed and i just spritz this  on my face and i feel very refreshed! I made this myself, It was much cheaper than buying some and fun to make! :) I keep one spray bottle in my purse and one next to my makeup! It has a nice pleasant scent and it has many many many uses!:D
So I love using this with face wash if i need to exfoliate but don't want to do a scrub!  I got this at a dollar tree a long long time ago! Very handy Dandy!
Three Face washes I LOVE! I've been using the Simple Moisturizing one for a while! I like using it after i do a Honey &Cinnamon face mask to help get stickiness off that i didn't rinse off! And I just got the  Biore  and Oxy face wash recently but absolutely love them! I do the Oxy one at night and the Biore in the morning! And It's already helping with my acne and it makes my skin feel really clean and refreshed! Love them! (Got them at walmart for a very good price!)

MY ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE CANDLE EVER!!! Mahogany Teakwood by Bath&Bodyworks! Smells AMAZING! Which is funny cause i thought i wouldn't like this scent!

 My two Favorite Scents I've worn NONE stop! Especially the MMXIV Perfume by Rue 21! (WHICH IS LIMITED ADDICTION! GO GET YOU SOME!)  And Bath&Bodyworks Amber Blush scent<3

Kane Chronicles Series!! I'm almost done with it and I am so sad There is only 3 books! But I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it!! And I will RE Read the series for sure!

One of my FAVORITE Makeup bags! I got it with my Amber blush Spray and lotion from Bath&Bodyworks When they had it on sale and I Am so glad i did! I can fit soooo much makeup and ect in this for when i travel!!!

I Love my new Replacement headphones from Skull Candy! They fold up so easy to take with you in a bag, and They're purple!!!!<3

I LOVE these sunglasses! And the stuffed animal which name is Fluffy! He's a polar bear. <3 He's modeling them for Ya!;)

LOVE this lotion! St.Ives Intensive Healing lotion! For really dry skin!  Does a great job VERY moisturizing! (Hypoallergenic and Dermatologist tested Great for Sensitive sin!)

Yogi's Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy tea!!! TASTES AMAZING AND gives you energy!!!! Perfect-o!<3
My Favorite Hand lotion by Mark. Which is Lemon sugar! SMELLS SOOO YUMMY!<3

Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring is Here!! + A Suprise!

It's Spring! Spring is finally here! YAY!!! It's finally warmer weather in Wyoming!  Woohoo!! Or From Bambi "Twitterpanted" Season as well haha! 
So I started out the spring with.. One Buying Some Bath&BodyWorks stuff because they had some AWESOME Sales going on! Two I had the Urge during school to clean and Rearrange my bed room. So I cleaned my room and Rearranged it all on thursday  and my brother helped me a little bit with moving my Desk, and bed Like the Awesome brother he is!!<3 So My "Spring Cleaning" Is done! :D Pictures :
So I bought this  Clear Vase and pretty flowers from Dollar Tree To add some nice bright color :)

My bed was moved to the window where my desk used to be. :)

Stuffed animals Just Chillin'

Add caption

Just another angle in my room.. That's where my bed used to be lol

My dresser.

This Hot pink crate being used as a stand for my lip products and sunglasses.

On Top of my desk Which is used for makeup lol

My Lime green Shelf by my door. :)

A farther away view of that area.

The Surprise I got!: So I had Ordered some Bath&Bodyworks Like i had said earlier, last week.. And they said it would probably take two weeks for it to get here so I wasn't expecting it till THIS Week! But When we got home on Friday from our trip to town, Mom asked if I had seen the box outside the door. (Yep i hadn't even noticed the box lol!) And it was My Bath&Bodyworks box full of Goodies i had gotten!! :D They had the Get 2, 3 wick candle's for $22 So i got two of those and they had the Hand sanitizers for 5 for $5 so i got some of those to! AND AND AND! I got some cute little holders for those one for my mom and one for me. AND a Donut candle Cuz i wanted to try that one sooooo bad lol! Here's some pictures! :D
I got the 3wick  Sunshine State Florida Fresh Candle!

The Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut Candle Which is AMAZING!

I got the Sweet Tangerine, Aqua Blossom, Sweet Lemon, and Sweet pea sanitizers (Mom has the other one. which was stress relief :) )

I got the 3 wick Mahogany Teakwood Candle which is one of my FAVORITES!

There's the Cupcake hand sanitizer holder which is SOO super cute! I love it! And My mom has the other one ^_^
I'm SOOO looking forward to Spring and to see what happens!  I'm SOOOO happy with my Bath&Body works stuff i got I'm Already burning my candles! lol :)  I hope everyone has a GREAT week and Have a WONDERFUL day! ❤ -Erin