Sunday, January 25, 2015


Finally got my Holiday look tutorial up!! I know ..i know... It's kinda not Christmas or Thanksgiving time. lol But Some people really wanted to see it. And I figure, better late than never!!  So tadaaaa! 
If you would like to go see the video here is the link:
Holiday eye Makeup Tutorial!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Boxing Exchange

So This isn't a Subscription or anything like that. Me and My cousin decided we kind would like to do our own ispy bags for each other. Lol We thought it be fun and it's a nice little thing to do for each other :) I've sent her one already and she has sent me two. (Pictures above. lol)  We've sent makeup and jewelery just basically whatever we wanted to send the other :) 
I'll do posts and opening videos if anyone would like that if so comment below if you would like to see them!

I'm Back!!


HEYOOO I'm Back!
So I'm sorry i have been gone and havent posted anything on here or put up any new videos for a long long while. Things have been crazy both good and bad ways.
BUT I am working on some videos now and I will be posting a post later on here today!  SO I hope you all had a great summer, and thanksgiving! And there should be a new post up here soon! ^_^

Sunday, September 28, 2014

How to : Messy bun!

                           How to do a Messy bun tutorial :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

To Red Cliff and Back;)

Hello Again! Oh How I have missed my blog! Lol! I Have Returned from The week of Camp!
It was So much fun, and SUCH a blessing and God did so much, and was so amazing! My cabin was incredible and so were the girls in my cabin! The games were awesome so were the Cabin Challenges! Ha Ha! Made new friends,  Had fun, And Learned a lot and Laughed Harder than I have in a long long while! X) Sadly I did not take as many pictures as I was planning to... But here is one my Beautiful awesome and funny fun  friend Hope took of us!<3
Hope and I #LastDay #MissHerLikeCray

I miss camp, and I miss my friends that I had made and already had. But I'm glad to be back home in my own bed and I can't wait till next year!<3
I will be working on some new posts and Vids! So stay tuned!:)

Have a FABULOUS day and week! -Erin<3

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Duel of the Dry shampoos!

                                            Batiste Against RockAHolic Dirty Secret
       So Here's the Post for the Duel of the Dry shampoos! The video will be up soon!

Batiste: Batiste is $8.00 for 6.73.fl.oz
This is the Clean & Classic Original Version. This is a bit pricey or cheaper depending on how you look at it and what you compare it to. Ha Ha :) But This is one of THE bestest dry shampoos I have EVER tried! Here's the up's and Downs/ Pro's and Con's lol
Up's :
1. It isn't CRAAAZY pricey
2. It works really well, doesn't leave your hair greasy even after using it. So it does a good job at soaking up the oil.
3. It smells good :)
4. they have all sorts of differant types and kinds!
5. the packaging is cute and classic ^_^
1. If you have dark hair this one is very white so you have to make sure you rub it in very well. OR Do it at night and it shouldn't show up to much
2. It's not THE cheapest dry shampoo.
Bed Heads ROCKAHOLIC Dirty Secret:
This however Is NOT a cheap one. It is $20.89  for 6.3fl.oz
Up's and Down's :

1. It Smells kind of citrus -y :)
2. It works well if you do it at night before you go to bed so you sleep on it.
3. the packaging is awesome!
4. It's not very White so if you have dark hair t doesn't show up like the Batiste :)

1. It's Crayyy Pricey for it
2. it doesn't get all of the oil out  if you do it last minuet or in the morning..
3.It can make your hair even more greasy than before..

So In MY opinion what I prefer and what works better  is....* Drum role *.... Batiste! Shocker right? Lol It's cheaper for more product, and it works amazing!  So Duh Duh Duhhh! Theree you have it!

I hope this was a help to you and that you liked this:) Have a great day!!<3